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Montana Marijuana Program

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Important Information about the Marijuana Registry Forms and Application Requirements


Registered Cardholder (patient) application fees are $75 for a new application and $75 for a renewal application. 

Provider/Marijuana Infused Products Provider (MIPP) application fees are $50.  Providers/MIPPS must reapply annually.

All fees
are for the application processing and will not be refunded if the application is incomplete, denied or the card is revoked.

Applications Materials
At the top of each application there is a checklist which tells the applicant the materials that need to be sent with the application. Review the checklist before sending application materials to the department.  All applications require a photocopy of a valid (not expired) Montana driver's license or state issued ID, to prove Montana residency.  The photocopy must be legible.  Change request forms do not require a copy of a driver’s license or state issued ID and do not require a fee.

Provider/MIPP Forms and Application Requirements
All provider/MIPP applicants must submit fingerprints at the time of application, and have their background check completed, before their application can be processed.   See the FAQs posted above for instructions on submitting your fingerprints to the department. 

Provider/MIPP applicants must be named by a registered cardholder (patient) applicant, in order to become a provider/MIPP.  Provider/MIPP applicants must send at least one change request form for a patient naming the applicant as their provider, with their provider application packet.   
If a provider/MIPP applicant is renting or leasing the property where they are cultivating and manufacturing marijuana, they must include a notarized Landlord Permission Form with their application packet. 

Providers/MIPPs must reapply annually.  The department will send provider/MIPPs reapplication materials at least 30 days prior to their expiration date.  Provider/MIPP expiration dates are the date of their last fingerprint background check. 

Registered Cardholder (Patient) Application Packets
Registered cardholder (patient) applicants require an application form and a physician's statement.  There are two application forms, one for minors and one for all other applicants. There are three physician forms; one for minors, one for applicants who have only a chronic pain diagnosis and one for applicants with a debilitating medical condition other than chronic pain. New conditions have been added to the list of debilitating medical conditions for which physicians can recommend marijuana. 
Registered cardholder applications will be processed in the order received.  If an application is processed more than 45 days before the renewal date the new expiration date will be 365 days after the day processed.  The expiration date will not be the same as it was the prior year.  Cardholders are encouraged to send in renewals 30 days prior to expiration, to prevent this from happening. 

If a registered cardholder (patient) applicant is growing their own marijuana, and rents or leases the property where they plan to cultivate and manufacture marijuana, they must include a notarized Landlord Permission Form with their application packet.   

If a registered cardholder (patient) applicant names a provider on their application and that person is not an approved provider/MIPP, the approved patient will receive a card with no named provider.  If the person named is approved to be a provider/MIPP by the department, the patient will receive a new card with the approved provider listed. 
Change Request Form (CRF)
Registered cardholders who wish to add a provider, or make changes to their personal information must use a CRF to notify the department.  Providers must use a CRF to notify the department of changes to their personal information.  Registered cardholders and providers, who do not notify the department of address changes within 10 days of the change, may be revoked from the registry 

All forms must be signed and cannot be submitted electronically at this time.

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Page last updated: 08/08/2014