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Montana Prescription Drug Assistance

The 2005 Legislature passed Senate Bill 324 (SB324) which created four different programs aimed at making prescription drugs more affordable.  These programs are funded by the tobacco tax revenue and administered by the State of Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Big Sky Rx Program:
http://web.hhs.mt.gov/prescriptiondrug/bigsky.shtml  This part of SB324 provides premium assistance for people enrolled in a Medicare approved prescription drug plan.  Big Sky Rx can pay up to $33.19 per month for premiums for prescription drug insurance plans for qualified individuals.

Montana PharmAssist Program:
This part of SB324 is for all Montana citizens that will benefit from a no cost in depth consultation with licensed and credentialed participating pharmacists. 
The PharmAssist program is open to all Montana citizens, regardless of age or income.

Steps to apply:

  • Call and request a Patient Packet:
  • 1-866-913-2323 Toll Free in MT
    (406) 444-0440 Helena/Out-of-State
    Request for a Patient Packet can be made by the patient, healthcare professionals, family, friends or caregivers.
  • Complete the Patient Packet, sign pages 6 and 7 and return in the envelope provided or to:
  • Mountain-Pacific Quality Health
    ATTN: Montana PharmAssist
    3404 Cooney Drive
    Helena MT 59602

For more in-depth information:

Prescription Drug Education:
The fourth program initiated by SB324 is an education program for all Montana citizens. This site serves as an educational resource addressing the costs and benefits of various drugs.  As resources become available they will be listed here as links for citizens and medical practitioners to compare the clinical effectiveness and cost comparisons between prescription drugs.

Rx Discount Program:
Senate Bill 324 calls for a drug discount program, which is still in the research phase.  Since this bill was written, most of the major drug manufactures have been participating in Pharmacy Assistance Programs that provide free or discounted prescription drugs. Efforts in the drug discount area will continue.

Page last updated: 08/13/2013